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I am newbie of using Netbeans and i have Netbeans 6.5 on XP. So, here is my problem: when i am working on Netbeans and switch to an another task and then come back later, editor of the Netbeans losts the focus and the menubar gains it. I don't want to press ALT key again to re-focus on the editor. I made some search on help contents of the Netbeans and google and i couldn't find any solution. Have any of you got an idea to solve this problem? By the way, i am sorry about my unfluent English. Have a nice day!

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Try Ctrl-0. It should set the focus to the editor window. There are several focus-related keyboard shortcuts. Look through the Window menu for the shortcuts to the different windows.

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What you're looking for is this thread. I ended up using a different look-and-feel, but updating your JDK might just help, too.

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Also, might want to update his version of Netbeans, 6.5 is around a year old. – SeanJA Apr 4 '10 at 15:11

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