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Having an issue with CodeKit compiling my SCSS files. It works via Terminal with compass compile or compass watch but within CodeKit it throws this error:

Syntax error: File to import not found or unreadable: compass.
          Load path: /

The line that it's complaining about is:

@import "compass";

I've installed compass the standard way and put my project into CodeKit but have no idea why it's dying here... I've had a google around but most people are complaining about 'zurb-foundation' and their issue commonly being they didn't import it in their compass.rb file. Here it's JUST compass.

I've tried sudo gem update but nothing seems to get CodeKit to compile properly.

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I'm using Zend Framework and was adding the root directory to CodeKit. It seems I had to add the public folder to get it to work as it then recognised my project as a Compass project and worked then with SASS in that root directory.

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