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This google API tutorial shows how to animate Views. However it uses methods that are available from API level 11, such as View.setAlpha

Now, using a phone with android 2.1 (API 7) I can find many , many applications using the same kind of animations (the card flip animation is very popular)

Are there any Google libraries to do the animations shown in this tutorial that would work with ANY API prior to 11? If not, any other alternatives?

P.S I am aware of this question But appearantly that was specifically about objectanimator and got an unuseful anser accepted

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use nineoldandroids jar it is the alrenative to ObjectAnimator. – Jitendra Apr 5 '13 at 12:16
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Easy animation such as transform, rotate, move (which it seems to be what you want) may be made with such classes as:

In brief you will have create animation resources (or classes) and run it on views. After ending animation possibly you will have hide this view by visibility method.

Check this for details -

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NineOldAndroids will be able to provide you with animation APIs that you see in 11+. For example...

ViewHelper.setAlpha(view, 0);
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