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I need to write bookmarklet code using CoffeScript. Something like this (JS):

javascript: (function () {  

But when I'm trying to write this code in CoffeeScript

javascript: (->

I got following:

  javascript: (function() {

How to avoid adding of "({ });"

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You can add -b (or --bare flag) to compile without a top-level function wrapper.
See more at the $ coffee --help.

-b is of no help if you want to get rid of braces and around javascript: .. -- they are part of javascript object syntax.

You can write your coffee code without javascript: (which in the case of bookmarklet is a protocol name, not part of the code), but add it later:

$ echo '(-> alert "hello!")()' > xx.coffee
$ echo javascript:`coffee -bjcp xx.coffee`
javascript:(function() { return alert("hello!"); })();
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I always compile coffee files with following flags: -wbco But I got this wrapper anyway –  Alexey Pedyashev Apr 5 '13 at 12:49
Oh, sorry. Seems I just misread your question. See updated answer. –  max taldykin Apr 5 '13 at 13:04

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