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I searched about this case but I couldn't find how to embed tab bar controller inside a navigation controller properly.

To be more specific; I created navigation controller in didFinishLauncinhWithOptions method inside the appdelagete and I am navigating through my view controllers without any problem.

I have a mainViewController with has 3 button and every button is pushing anotherView to navigation controller. In one of the views I am redirected, I want to use a tabbar.

My question is where should I create my tabbar controller in this case and is it allowed to embed tabbar controller inside navigation controller ? If not what should I do because, I really wanna embed my navigation controller from start and have navigation bar thorough out the entire program.

Thanks in Advance.

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After struggling some times, I managed to figured out the solution by inserting new view below the tabbar.

This thread really helped me much about the case;

Tab bar controller inside a navigation controller, or sharing a navigation root view


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