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what are the nodejs datatype equivalent of the following thrift datatypes -


This is my .thrift file.

struct Person{
1: required string name_;
2: required map<i64,string> attribute1_;
3: required map<i64,i64> attribute2_;
4: required map<i64,string> attribute3_;

service ProcessPerson {  
  void DoPerson(
                1: required list<Person> person_array  

In the nodejs client, while calling the DoPerson method, what should be the datatype for person_array? Is it an array of objects?

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Node.js doesn't over anything over native javascript, though there are modules available that implement the data types you are looking for

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node.js doesn't add any specialized collection datatypes beyond those which are in javascript: Array and Object. If you are looking for similar functionality to List, Set and Map, I would take a look at underscore. It adds convenience methods for iterating, grouping, sorting, filtering, etc.

Yes, the equivalent to your example would be an array of objects:

var person  = {
   name: "Kevin Bacon",
   attribute1: {1:"one"},
   attribute2: {1:"two"},
   attribute3: {1:"three"}

function DoPerson(prs){
   var person_array = [person];

The List is an array. The Map is an object and the Set can be:

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