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I am using column chart and displaying those value on top of each bar. I don't want to show the values if they are 0. How to do that? Here is my piece of code

var series = {  data: [],   
                dataLabels: {
                    enabled: true,
                    color: 'black',
                    align: 'right',
                    x: -3,
                    y: 3,
                    style: {
                        color: '#333',
                        fontWeight: 'bold',
                        fontSize: '12px',
                        fontFamily: 'Trebuchet MS, Verdana, sans-serif'
                pointWidth: 28
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You can use the formatter. Something like this should do it:

dataLabels: {
  formatter:function() {
    if(this.y != 0) {
      return this.y;


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You can use datalabels formatter and add condition which check if value is bigger than zero.


plotOptions: {
        series: {
                    if(this.y > 0)
                        return this.y;


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