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In Laravel 4, when working with many-to-many relationships, I would like to do the following:

/* get all skills for one specific topic */
Route::get( '/api/topics/{topicSlug}/skills', function( $topicSlug )
    $skills = Skill::where( 'topic.slug', '=', $topicSlug )->get();

Now the problem is that topic.slug obviously isn't a column in the skills table. Instead, slug is a column in the topics table, which is related to the skills table via a pivot table called skills_topics (which includes skill_id and topic_id).

I've tried a number of variations, but I just can't get the query right. How does the query have to look like, if I want to get all skills for one particular topic?

The models are:

class Skill extends Eloquent {
    public function topics()
        return $this->belongsToMany( 'Topic' ); 


class Topic extends Eloquent {
    public function skills()
        return $this->belongsToMany( 'Skill' );
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Well you should actually get the topic with the related skills if I understood correctly. Something like this:

$topic = Topic::with('skills')->where('slug', $topicSlug)->first();

And the access the skills through:

foreach ($topic->skills as $skill) {  }
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You need to change topic.slug to just slug. Now to get a json-response that includes all skills which belongs to $topic, I just need to do return $topic->skills;. I was approaching it totally the wrong way around. Thanks so much, that really helped :) – Ben Apr 5 '13 at 13:50
Yep, I copy/pasted your part ;) – bstrahija Apr 5 '13 at 15:07

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