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I'm working on Iris recognition system for my degree project (put in mind i have no background in Matlab and i had no courses or anything in it , but i had to use it to implement my project ><) .

I'd like to ask , how can i use the output of a Matlab function in another function ? Like how to take the output of a function , let's say "Segmentation" function , and pass it or use it in another function , like "Normalization" for example .

Is there any way to store it in a variable or something like that like in other programming languages ? I hope you guys got what i mean & I hope i'll get an answer :)

Thank you :)

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Hi. This is a very basic question implying that you really need to get yourself familiar with the MATLAB language. There are great tutorials on www.mathworks.com. –  Eitan T Apr 5 '13 at 13:32
Thank you Eitan for this fast reply :) , i know i really need to be familiar with Matlab & i really wish that i can get some courses ! I'm not gonna go in this & tell the long boring story but i have to work on it this semester that means no much time to learn Matlab , i just need to learn at least the basics . Can you suggest me what tag in mathworks should i read ? –  91em Apr 5 '13 at 13:42
Look up mathworks new programming learning system called Cody. You start by programming really basic challenges. I think it looks like a great way to learn. mathworks.com/matlabcentral/cody –  Dan Apr 5 '13 at 13:49

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Just add an output argument to your first function, and an input argument to your second function, like so:

function theOutput = doSomething()
    theOutput = someValue;

Then, the second function:

function doSomethingElse(theInput)
    disp(theInput); % Will print value of someValue returned from first function, assuming you call doSomethingElse passing this value

If you are unfamiliar with these basic concepts, however, I would recommend reading up on the MATLAB language in general. Remember that the documentation contains a wealth of information on most topics. For this specific problem, see the function keyword documentation.

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Thank you so much , i really appreciate your help :). I'll try it & see if i can do it . –  91em Apr 5 '13 at 13:48

take 3 minutes to read any matlab getting started guide,

this one for example


Matlab is HUGE, and it can take you years to explore every corner, the upside is , that you can be productive from minute 2. the easy things are very much straight forward.

to answer your question, variable assginment is trivial

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