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How can I get the original string value (someString) from instance of org.neo4j.server.rest.repr.ValueRepresentation created by this code as a return of server-plugin:

return ValueRepresentation.string(someString)
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What do you need that for?

Probably use serialize, pass in a RepresentationFormat that just passes on the value as result in its serializeValue method.

ValueRepresentation {
  String serialize( RepresentationFormat format, URI baseUri, ExtensionInjector extensions )
        final String result = format.serializeValue(type, value);
        return result;
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Yeah, thanks! I've seen this method (the only one with access to value), but do not understand how I can use it with my data (I'm quite new to Java, sorry). I write functional tests for Neo4j plug-in. Maybe there are more convenient ways to test, I'm trying to figure out. –  fedosov Apr 9 '13 at 8:40

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