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I would like to protect a asp.net web api service with a token. Now I know you would normally implement a STS server but I don't want to do that so what is my other options.

I was thinking about leaving a controller Unprotected where clients can call into passing in a username and password and that would return a token, this token then would be used AND NEEDED to call other controllers on the service which would be protected.

So this brings up some questions, using a DelegatingHandler vs AuthorizeAttribute. The above option would have to be an authorizeAttribute because I need to leave a controller unprotected for clients to call in an authenticate. I don't see how I would use a delegatinghandler which would technically protect the complete service rather than leaving 1 controller unprotected.

The other option I see is providing another service to allow clients to authenticate and get a token and then i could lock down my second service using a delegatinghandler..

Lets imagine that i went down the STS routing, I would still need to provide some way a client could contact an "OPEN" service / controller which in turn would call the STS for obtaining the token.

So considering this, is another service my best option

Any help or feedback really appreciated.

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Well I just found this, a way to integrate STS into my app by Thinktecture IdentityServer leastprivilege.com/2012/12/28/… –  Martin Apr 5 '13 at 14:09
Maybe an STS is a posibility –  Martin Apr 5 '13 at 14:10

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I implemented a similar scenario in the past using Hawk (https://github.com/hueniverse/hawk). I have an implementation in GitHub for Hawk in .NET that integrates with Web API using Message Handlers.


In the way I implemented in a project. The client application first makes a call to the web api using basic authentication with the real username/password (using https). The web api authenticates the user and a set of hawk credentials are returned to the client (it would be equivalent to a token). The rest of the calls are secured with hawk using the negotiated hawk credentials. This is very simple and it does not involve any STS.

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Great, I will take a look. Thanks for your response. –  Martin Apr 5 '13 at 15:34

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