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I'm trying to load some .csv file from remote servers (so I have to deal with domain problem), and I'm using jsonp with the following code

sql="a csv file link"


Some how, this piece of code gives me 2 different result.

1) On certain csv file links, it seems to be getting the complete csv file. However, there is an error saying that the csv file has a "syntax error", and .error and .fail is executed.

2) On some other csv file links (something like.http:// select from table), somehow nothing happens. The .done/.success are not called, nor the .fail/.error are called

Can anyone tell me the solution or possible causes of those above problems?


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If the remore server allows JSONP, use something like the following:

sql="a csv file link"+"?callback=myFunc";

Where myFunc is a user defined function to process the data from the remote server.

Another technique is to use a proxy as described here:


here is a very simple example of what myFunc might look like:

function myFunc(data){
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umm, could you give an example of the myFunc?? Really appreciated :) – user1948847 Apr 5 '13 at 20:47
@user1948847 please see update. – mohamed elbou Apr 5 '13 at 20:53

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