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I want to add an extra step to register. I have my own FormType "Firma" that tries to get in my additional method in registerController. When calling this action in controller gets an error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method My\FrontendBundle\Form\Type\FirmaType::createView() in /var/www/Budowlanka/src/My/FrontendBundle/Controller/RegistrationController.php on line 107

nextStepAction action in RegisterController

public function nextStepAction($token) {

    $user = $this->container->get('fos_user.user_manager')->findUserByConfirmationToken($token);

    if (null === $user) {
        throw new NotFoundHttpException(sprintf('The user with confirmation token "%s" does not exist', $token));


    $form = $this->container->get('my_user.firma.form.type');
    return $this->container->get('templating')->renderResponse('FOSUserBundle:Registration:register.html.' . $this->getEngine(), array(
                'form' => $form->createView(),
                'theme' => $this->container->getParameter('fos_user.template.theme'),


<service id="my_user.firma.form.type" class="My\FrontendBundle\Form\Type\FirmaType">
    <tag name="form.type" alias="my_user_firma" />


namespace My\FrontendBundle\Form\Type;

use Symfony\Component\Form\AbstractType;
use Symfony\Component\Form\FormBuilder;

class FirmaType extends AbstractType
public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)

public function getName()
    return 'my_frontendbundle_firmatype';


It works great but now I have a problem with labels from manytomany relationship field.

          ->add('specjalizacja', 'entity', array(
                'label' => 'Specjalizacje',
                'multiple' => true, 
                'expanded' => true, 
                'property' => 'nazwa', 
                'class' => 'My\FrontendBundle\Entity\Specjalizacja',
                'query_builder' => function(\Doctrine\ORM\EntityRepository $er) {
                    $qb = $er->createQueryBuilder('g');

                    return $qb->orderBy('g.nazwa', 'DESC');

It displays 'my_user_firma_form_specjalizacja_110' label (110 is the id of record) instead Nazwa field of Entity. I have a __toString() method in Specjalizacja Entity class

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What's your code on line 107? – Iltar van der Berg Apr 5 '13 at 14:23
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You should use the formFactory to create your form.

<service id="my_user.firma.form" factory-method="createNamed" factory-service="form.factory" class="Symfony\Component\Form\Form">

<service id="my_user.firma.form.type" class="My\FrontendBundle\Form\Type\FirmaType">
    <tag name="form.type" alias="my_user_firma" />

And then call..

$form = $this->container->get('my_user.firma.form');

From here you should be able to use $form->createView().

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