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I may be missing something obvious... but

I am trying to enhance the native subversion http access with a greasemonkey plugin. At the moment I am using CGI scripts to run PROPFIND etc. This subverts security although it does work.

I have downloaded a Javascript DAV client that will do all that I want from Assuming I can use the user credentials already supplied, I should be able to get extended subversion information using javascript with correct security.

We run Basic authentication on the subversion server and I do not know how to make the xmlHttpRequest in this library inherit the pre-existing browser authentication details. The xmlHttpRequest returns 401 although the calling page is authenticated and on the same domain.

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You can specify a Authorization header manually using .setRequestHeader(header, value).

According to the spec:

If the user agent supports HTTP Authentication and Authorization is not in the list of author request headers [set by setRequestHeader], it should consider requests originating from the XMLHttpRequest object to be part of the protection space that includes the accessed URIs and send Authorization headers and handle 401 Unauthorized requests appropriately.

This seems to mean that if a user has already supplied authentication credentials for a resource, XHR will automatically use them.

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