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I am trying to do a ManyToOne join where there are 2 values needed to define the relationship. I have an Person table with a unique key and an business related id number. In the address table, the relationship is defined by id number, not the unique key. Person is unique with a combination of id number and a column marking it as active.

I am using jboss 4.2.3, and hibernate 3.2.4.

If this was a unique key, I would be doing it like this within the Address entity

@JoinColumn(name ="PERSON_ID")
private Person person;

Basically I want to run this same join, but with another specification that Person ACTIVE = 'Y'.

I have seen things like using a filter or where, but I have been unable to get them to work. I have also seen examples where you can use multiple join columns, but this is a fixed value and do not want it stored in the table as a column.

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