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Iam using Tapestry5 Jquery Ajaxupload for file uploads. If the file is large, it writes to temp file and it deletes temp file after upload. It deletes temp file if i upload through IE. But it doesn't delete the temp file if i upload using Chrome. It uploads fine, but leaves temp file. Even i tried to delete manually and not able to as it is being used by something. I had to shutdown the server to delete it. Following is the snippet of the code. I believe something is holding up the file so it couldn't delete. Please help. Click Here to add documents.

        <div id="myDiv" class="reveal-div reveal-hidden">
            <j:ajaxUpload t:id="uploadDocuments" t:multiple="true" t:sizeLimit="500M" />    

            <t:zone t:id="uploadResult" id="uploadResult">
                    <t:if test="message">

                    <t:if test="uploadedFiles">
                        <h3>Uploaded files</h3>            
                    <table t:id="filesGrid" t:type="grid" source="uploadedFiles" row="uploadedFileRow" inplace="true" >                                                 
                        <t:parameter name="fileNameCell">
                            <div t:id="fileName" t:type="jquery/inPlaceEditor" value="uploadedFileRow.fileName" t:context="uploadedFileRow.fileName" />
            <t:form t:id="formFileUpload">                                          
                <div class="reveal-closing" align="right">
                    <br />
                    <input t:type="Submit" t:id="uploadSave" value="Save" class="button" />&nbsp;
                    <input t:type="Submit" t:id="uploadCancel" value="Cancel" class="button" />

private Zone uploadResult;

private List<UploadedFile> uploadedFiles;

@OnEvent(component = "uploadDocuments", value = JQueryEventConstants.AJAX_UPLOAD)
private void onUploadDocumentsFromChrome(UploadedFile fileToUpload) throws IOException {"In onUploadDocumentsFromChrome.");         

    if (fileToUpload != null) {

    message = "This upload was: AJAX_UPLOAD";
    ajaxResponseRenderer.addRender("uploadResult", uploadResult);                            
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It is not a good idea to persist uploaded files in session. To solve your issue you can try to persist uploaded file somewhere on filesystem and keep only file path. fileToUpload.write(file) – sody Apr 5 '13 at 15:28
I tried to write to disk than persisting and it still doesn't delete temp file after the request. – sreenaji Apr 7 '13 at 23:57

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