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I am needing to get the ip of the printer but am not having much success. Already tried in various ways. Currently my code is like this:

void Spl::GetIpAddress(LPSTR printerName)
    HANDLE hPrinter;
    PBYTE wAddress = NULL;      
    DWORD size;
    DWORD status;
    LPSTR portName = GetProt(printerName);
    std::ostringstream strTemp;
    strTemp << portName;

    string temp = ",XcvPort " + strTemp.str();
    //temp = ,XcvPort

    LPSTR tempLPSTR((LPSTR)temp.c_str());

        if (XcvData(hPrinter, L"IPAddress", NULL, 0,wAddress,31, &size,&status))



When he tries to call the XcvData function she not enter the 'IF'. And my object "wAddress" remains empty. Because I'm not getting?

OBS: This code is based on the msdn doc: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/ff562761(v=vs.85).aspx


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You're missing the server name in the OpenPrinter call. The printer name should look something like this:

"\\\\myServer\\,XvcPort myPort"

To confirm that is the problem, call GetLastError when OpenPrinter fails.

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