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I want to be able to turn device motion updates on and off during my game. But after I turn them off and then back again, .deviceMotion property of CMMotionManager returns the last know deviceMotion for a short while (around 0.5 seconds, until it can calculate the fresh value, I guess).

So, I want to be able to test the age of the CMDeviceMotion objects I get, and ignore them if they're older than a few seconds.

Calculating CACurrentMediaTime() - deviceMotion.timestamp seems to give me accurate results.. But I'm worried that this might break in a future device or iOS version. Are device motion timestamps guaranteed to remain comparable with CACurrentMediaTime() in the future? Is there a better way to calculate the age of CMDeviceMotion timestamps?

From Apple's documentation:


A CFTimeInterval derived by calling mach_absolute_time() and converting the result to seconds.


The time stamp is the amount of time in seconds since the phone booted.

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I had the same problem and needed to keep a history of events. I solved this by setting the updateInterval to pretty low values e.g. 0.5. Thus Core Motion doesn't need to reinitialise the sensors and you slow down energy consumption.

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I'm not marking this as the accepted answer because it doesn't solve the exact question, but I'll up-vote the good idea, I hadn't thought of it. I think CoreMotion would still need to actively calculate the orientation of the device though, so I'm not sure how much power/cpu this would save, did you do any benchmarks with it? –  baris Apr 6 '13 at 21:14
I read about this advice long time ago (about 2 years ago, iPhone 4 and iOS 4.x). I made a few tests but not enough to call it benchmarks in a scientific way. My main problem at that time was the initialisation time needed when restarting Core Motion. Possibly this not a problem today. –  Kay Apr 8 '13 at 8:10
Thanks. It's still a problem, at least for my use case of switching controls dynamically within a game (it takes about a second to get useful updates on my 4s) –  baris Apr 8 '13 at 11:19

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