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I have a problem with sending notification when the job fails. I created Database Mail Profile and assigned it to SQL Agent and the restarted SQL Agent. When I run a procedure msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail the e-mail is being sent. Also when I send a test e-mail using Database Mail it works fine. But when I set a notification for Job when it fails, in job log I see following information: NOTE: Failed to notify 'SQL Job Failure' via email. I don't know what can be the source of this problem. I found this hint: http://sqlblog.jfperry.com/jpsql/post/2009/04/07/NOTE-Failed-to-notify-7boperator7d-via-email.aspx

But I checked that the profile is enabled in SQL Agent. SQL Agent has been restarted. Where can be the source of the problem?

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Second restart of SQL Agent fixed the problem.

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As you allude to in your question, my issue was indeed the mail profile in agent - thanks for the tip. Other tips are mentioned in the bottom of this post.

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