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I have an activity derived from SherlockListActivity and I am wanting to show a SherlockDialogFragment inside this activity. The show method of the dialog instance requires a SupportFragmentManager, but it seems that SherlockListActivity only has the method getFragmentManager and not getSupportFragmentManager.

Does anyone know why the method getSupportFragmentManager is missing and how I could workaround this issue?

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Does anyone know why the method getSupportFragmentManager is missing

Because SherlockListActivity inherits from ListActivity, not from FragmentActivity.

how I could workaround this issue?

Do not use SherlockListActivity. Use SherlockFragmentActivity and either a SherlockListFragment or your own ListView management code.

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Thanks, CommonsWare for explaining this. I was hoping that there would be a way to get SupportFragmentManager without changing the SherlockListActivity to a SherlockFragmentActivity, but alas. It is just that I have a base class that I defined that inherited from FragmentListActivity and it is working perfectly except for this issue and now I am struggling to get it working correctly with it inheriting from SherlockFragmentActivity. But thanks for your response. –  BruceHill Apr 7 '13 at 9:42
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