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I am trying to pull our Converters into a common location at the top of the application. When I do so I end up with the following error:

SourceDefaultValueConverter is not supported in a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) project.

This is the App.xaml that is throwing the error:

<Application x:Class="MSMS.DataCollector.App.App"
        <App:NinjectServiceLocator x:Key="ServiceLocator" />
        <ResourceDictionary x:Key="Resources">
                <ResourceDictionary Source="Resources/Converters.xaml"/>
            <commonControls:FieldLayoutRuntimeControlConverter x:Key="FieldLayoutConverter" />

When I simply add the resource directly in a UserControl it works correctly

    <commonControls:FieldLayoutRuntimeControlConverter x:Key="FieldLayoutConverter"/>
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You have one resource (ServiceLocator) outside the ResourceDictionary. Move it alongisde your FieldLayoutConverter resource. I'm not sure that's resulting in your issue, but it's certainly wrong and may be confusing WPF (which, alas, is not hard to do).

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I did get a little further after this, and hadn't had a chance to update it. There does indeed seem to be a limitation in that respect. I am investigating how to make the Ninject resource work in a more complimentary manner to the regular resource dictionaries. –  Matt Apr 6 '13 at 0:39

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