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I'm struggling to find a jQuery sort of player that I could easily customise and apply to my website. Basically I am trying to custumize my audio tag:

<audio preload="none" controls src="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/75868018/stream?client_id=7a17129ba9cd5fff34f847e3539829b7">

as src is from sound-cloud it will always be .mp3 format, therefore I need a player that would fallback in browsers that don't support .mp3 format.

Can anyone suggest such player? Preferably lightweight, easy to install and highly custuizable with css.

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MediaElement.js looks like a great bet to me - it appears to be cross-browser, lightweight and easy to implement.

Another few options which may interest you could be HTML5 Video Player and Video for Everybody.

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