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If I use mod_rewrite to control all my 301 redirects, does this happen before my page is served? so if I also have a bunch of redirect rules in a php script that runs on my page, will the .htaccess kick in first?

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When a request is made to the URI affected by the .htaccess file, then Apache will handle any rewrite rules before any of your PHP code executes.

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The .htaccess will kick in first. If you look at the Apache request cycle:

Apache Request Cycle

PHP is a response handler. mod_rewrite runs at URI translation, except for rewrite rules in .htaccess and <Directory> or <Location> blocks which run in the fixup phase. This is because Apache doesn't know which directory it's in (and thus which <Directory> or .htaccess to read) until after URI translation.

In response to to gabriel1836's question about the image, I grabbed it from the second slide of this presentation but it's originally from the book: Writing Apache Modules in Perl and C which I highly recommend.

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Could you post a link to image? –  Noah Goodrich Oct 1 '08 at 16:43
edited to add the image attribution. –  bmdhacks Oct 1 '08 at 21:22
Interesting, I did not realize logging happened only after the response was delivered. +1 for finding that diagram. –  Tim Post Nov 16 '09 at 10:48

Yes, the .htaccess file is parsed before your script is served.

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.htaccess happens first.

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htaccess is controlled by the webserver. This file will be taken in account before your PHP file.

For example, you could restrict access to a particular folder with your htaccess file. So, it have to be take in charge before your PHP.

Hope this helps.

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The .htaccess is performed by Apache before the php script execution. (imagine if the php script is executed and then the .htaccess make a redirection to another page...).

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You always can test this with the following command:

wget -S --spider http://yourdomain.com

With this command you see the who is responding to your request.

As all the others mentioned, .htaccess is first.

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So basically, the .htaccess more or less requires the relevant PHP code or files, as according to the rules specified in the .htaccess, meaning .htaccess is run first.

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