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<div class="date">
  <div class="rating">good</div>
  Movie Review - Mar 24, 2013

<div class="date">
  Movie Review - Mar 23, 2013

What xpath query will get the "Movie Review .." part without the rating div content (where it says good). Sometimes the rating div is present sometimes not.

I tried this sort of thing when I get a div node into $reviewnode:

  $thedate = $xpath->query('text()[1]',$reviewdate)->item(0) ;

but it catches the rating div contents too.

The parsed doc is html5.

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I wonder how that catches the rating div too sometimes. You might want to check how you obtain all $reviewdate context nodes. –  hakre Apr 8 '13 at 11:46

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This should return the divs' text children that contain the string "Movie":

//div[@class = "date"]/text()[contains(., "Movie")]

If you just want the first non-whitespace text node, you can use

//div[@class = "date"]/text()[normalize-space(.) != ''][1]
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That worked but can I do it without referencing the text in the divs - eg I may not know what text will be in there - in either parent or child div. Thnaks –  Calgacus Apr 5 '13 at 16:56
@Calgacus: See the update. –  choroba Apr 5 '13 at 23:29
That normalize-space thing seems like what I need, thanks! –  Calgacus Apr 11 '13 at 18:34

You are looking for the first text-node child that is not a white-space only node:

// xpath: text()[normalize-space(.)][1]

$thedate = $xpath->query(
    'text()[normalize-space(.)][1]', $reviewdate

Results (var_dump($thedate->data)):

string(39) "\n      Movie Review - Mar 24, 2013\n    "
string(39) "\n      Movie Review - Mar 23, 2013\n    "

Additionally as you're looking for a value, you might want to retrieve the string value directly:

// xpath: normalize-space(text()[normalize-space(.)])

$thedate = $xpath->evaluate(
    'normalize-space(text()[normalize-space(.)])', $reviewdate

Results (var_dump($thedate)):

string(27) "Movie Review - Mar 24, 2013"
string(27) "Movie Review - Mar 23, 2013"

I hope this is helpful. See as well the Online Demo and the code-example in full:

 * how can I get the text data of a div without the child divs text data - with php xpath?
 * @link http://stackoverflow.com/q/15838487/367456
 * @link http://eval.in/15474
$buffer = <<<BUFFER
    <div class="date">
      <div class="rating">good</div>
      Movie Review - Mar 24, 2013

    <div class="date">
      Movie Review - Mar 23, 2013

$doc = new DOMDocument();
$xpath = new DOMXPath($doc);

foreach ($xpath->query('/*/body/div[@class = "date"]') as $reviewdate) {
    $thedate = $xpath->query('text()[normalize-space(.)][1]', $reviewdate)->item(0);

    // string:
    $thedate = $xpath->evaluate('normalize-space(text()[normalize-space(.)])', $reviewdate);
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