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Let's say I have two tables:

  Property1 (relates to PropertyName)
  Property2 (relates to PropertyName)
  PropertyName (index, single key alternate)

When making a normal relation in Dynamics AX 2012, I get the following Best Practice error: Only foreign key constraints are allowed on this table.

I can create a single key alternate foreign key relation to fix the best practice error. However, I can only do this for one of the fields. If I do it for both, I receive a compilation error about duplicate alternate keys.

Is there some way to create normal relations like we used to in AX 2009 without a best practice error?

or.. How can I do two foreign key relations on two fields that relate back to the same column?


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When setting the properties on the relations, set UseDefaultRoleNames to No, then give each relation a unique Role.

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Thanks for the help. That cleared the compilation error. –  Brad Apr 15 '13 at 18:34
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If you add a relation Field, you must add as a foreignkey-field. It also add automatically a field in your table. Then the BP Error must be solved.

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