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Chrome takes 4 minutes to render a page with a big javascript function and Firefox takes like 1-2 sec.

It's simple code, a document.write javascript function that has been called around 30 times so it would not have to download 30 x 1mb of dropdown data. Firefox renders it in 1 second and chrome in 4 minutes.

Here is the live html link: html link was removed Check it in Firefox and check in Chrome.

<script type="text/javascript">
function writeHTMLasJS_product_type(){
document.write("<option value=\"4\">ITEM 1<\/option>");
document.write("<option value=\"5\">ITEM 2<\/option>");
document.write("<option value=\"144\">Item 3<\/option>");
document.write("<option value=\"145\">Item 4<\/option>");
document.write("<option value=\"146\">Item 5<\/option>");

now its like 1mb of data, with like 20 writeHTMLasJS_product_type(); functions

It's not about processor or memory because I have 5ghz i7 with 48gb ram... It's either a Google Chrome limitation, that can be overridden, or javascript that can be customized in better way to do the same thing, what do you think?

//I was thinking that some of you will be interested to see the difference between amount of time that Chrome needs to render this out even if you don't know the answer what's happening here. So please don't jump to voting the question down just because you don't know the answer.

Best Regards

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you should edit the question adding the guilty code snippet, along with the right amount of context (not too little, but not everything either). – Nadir Sampaoli Apr 5 '13 at 16:50
ok, in a second – day Apr 5 '13 at 16:51
the person that clicked on the provided html link can see it when click on + Prikaži komplete (like 30 dropdowns created with that fucntion) – day Apr 5 '13 at 16:58

The enemy of the DOM, which is document.write(), ... then I've got to do all this extra work, 'cause you're a jerk. document.write() is a jerk external link.

Paul Irish on document.write() external link

Long story short: don't use document.write(). Period. Watch more of the video to find out why. Basically it messes up your browser's parsing process. And, apparently, Chrome has more trouble with the (enormous!) amount of document.write()'s you're using than Firefox. But the real problem is not Chrome handling document.write()'s too slow but you using document.write() for no-good reason.

Why not manipulate the DOM directly? Put the data in a variable / some variables (possibly using JSON and maybe even a single or a few AJAX calls but that's not required) and set all the data using DOM manipulation methods.

I don't intend to lay it down step-by-step but stuff like this:

function writeHTMLasJS_product_type(){
    document.write("<option value=\"0\">IZABERITE GRUPU<\/option>");
    document.write("<option value=\"4\">DSLR<\/option>");
    document.write("<option value=\"5\">PROSUMER<\/option>");
    document.write("<option value=\"6\">KOMPAKTNI<\/option>");
    document.write("<option value=\"8\">MiniDV KAMERE - VIDEO ZAPIS NA KASETU<\/option>");
    //...4000-or-so more lines

Should be something like:

var items = { 
    4: "DSLR",
    5: "PROSUMER",
    6: "KOMPAKTNI",

Which, by itself, already saves up a lot of bandwidth. Next you simply use DOM manipulation to iterate the items and add them to your dropdowns/textboxes/whatever-the-hell-it's-supposed-to-do.

Here's a fiddle external link demonstrating the basic idea.

If you insist on using document.write() (which, again, I highly advise against!) then at least try to keep the number of calls to document.write() to a minimum:

      '<option value="0">IZABERITE GRUPU<\/option>'
    + '<option value="4">DSLR<\/option>'
    + '<option value="5">PROSUMER<\/option>'
    + '<option value="6">KOMPAKTNI<\/option>'
    + '<option value="8">MiniDV KAMERE - VIDEO ZAPIS NA KASETU<\/option>');

Not to be a jerk myself (as opposed to document.write() enter image description here): We don't live in the '90s anymore; brush up on your techniques / knowledge and get with the rest of us in 2013!

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I know all about that, dont get me wrong, but still: 1. firefox does it in like 1 sec 2. it saves like tones of bandwidth – day Apr 5 '13 at 17:05
How would it save bandwidth? I don't see that; in fact: it only increases bandwidth since you're adding "document.write(...)" all-over the place? – RobIII Apr 5 '13 at 17:08
i doc.write in javascript function and than repeated js call to that function so it does saves a lot of bandwidth when big js is called like 30 times to render (like when renders model that html page) – day Apr 5 '13 at 17:25
and Robill thanks for that youtube video it really showed me how much my programming skills from like 10 year ago has aged now, perhaps I will tell my old client witch site I still maintain from time to time that he have to use firefox till chrome speeds things up or I find time to learn html5 if there is no fast implementing solution ahead – day Apr 5 '13 at 17:27
This has nothing to do with HTML5; my answer works equally well with HTML4 and document.write() causes the same trouble in HTML5 as in HTML4. If I were you I wouldn't hold my breath for Chrome (Google) to fix this; it may well be never fixed. Oh, and my name is not Robill but RobIII, roman numeral III ;) – RobIII Apr 5 '13 at 17:28

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