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Well it's kind of a newbie question but I think lots of people have problems with this.

I'm developing Windows/web application for fun, and installing them at friends' places. Most of my developing concentrates on the CRM system, but I have a big problem with showing data from DB in better, more effective and lighter ways.

Using Microsoft built-in web controls is a nice and easy way, but it doesn't answer my needs, and worse, it's not that effective as other web controls in great software and websites(Google(lol)).

I want to build my own controls(GridView, etc...). So my question is how can I do this myself?

How does Microsoft build their web controls for both web and Windows Form developing?



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Here's the starting place for learning about creating your own web controls.

And here's an older reference, but probably a better place to start.

And finally.... If you want to develop custom controls for Windows Forms applications...

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Well, this can be answered several ways. Most of the nice controls are doing a lot of Javascript that is not obvious unless you look at the output. You might be interested in using JQuery plugins (or "controls"). Also, to be honest, you might be interested in persuing a new way of doing ASP.NET, which is called ASP.NET MVC. This is a very good way forward of building Web applications that utilize a lot of Web standard technologies without hiding and obscuring the details. Here's a link to that:

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Very good answer. I'm one of the MVC "haters", but I recognize that this is a weakness of my own. I'm just too set in my "classic" asp.Net ways. However, if you're looking for finer control, and cleaner separation of concerns, MVC looks like a good route to go. – David Oct 18 '09 at 3:59
Thanks both of you very much, never thought to take look of the output of the page MVC is a great way, and thank you. but those are still tools microsofts gives you, i want to build it my own way,therefore i know how my controller perfectly works and how effective it is. i guess i will go to learn some java script and remember some html tags, then i will take dataset or datatable and build a function which know to generate html\java script that build my own table, can i use StringBuilder for that? how can i take the StringBuilder and insert it into the viewed page? Thanks A lot. Amit – Mazki516 Oct 18 '09 at 4:44

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