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this is a function I have in nsis script:

Function rubyDependencies
    DetailPrint "Installing Web Runtime Environment dependencies..."
    ExecWait "gem install rails –v2.3.8"
    ExecWait "gem install rake –v0.8.7"
    ExecWait "gem uninstall rake –v10.0.3"
    ExecWait "rake gems:install"
    DetailPrint "Dependencies installed."

I have tried:

ExecWait '"gem install rails -v2.3.8" $0'

And nothing was displaying on $0, but gem list remained empty.

Any help?

Thanks, Telmo Cardoso

EDIT: I'm still having problems. I'm now using:

nsExec::ExecToLog '"$INSTDIR\runtime\ruby\bin\gem.bat" install --ignore-dependencies --no-rdoc --no-ri rails -v=2.3.8'

And its generating:

could not find a valid gem '-v=2.3.8'

and install latest one. So clearly something weird its being passed in the parameter. When I run the command outside installer, it works as supposed.

Any help?

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The correct syntax is ExecWait '"c:\full\path\to\program.exe" param1 "space param" param3' $0. For ExecWait '"gem" ...' to work, gem.exe needs to be in a path searched by CreateProcess...

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