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I am desperate.

I have the following code in my application to load PNG files:

public static Image loadImageFromLocal(Class<?> clazz, String fileName) {
   ImageDescriptor imageDesc = ImageDescriptor.createFromFile(clazz, fileName);
   Image image = imageDesc.createImage();
   return image;

So far so good until I tried to download some files from the internet and load them using the same logic. The downloaded files are not properly displayed. When I apply my SWT program logic to show the original files, it works fine.

I tried to find out what is the difference between the files - those correctly displayed are of 8 bits and those downloaded, nowadays, of course is 32-bit color depth.

I had then changed the color depth of those downloaded from 32-bit to 8-bit. Nothing happens, my program still not able to correctly display them.

I also tried to change the format of the downloaded files to JPG, it still won't work.

Which direction should I go to solve this problem?

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Actually it is the Eclipse internal problem. Everything works fine after I delete and import the project in Eclipse again.

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