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I want to convert images from gif to jpeg by using im4java. There should be one gif and one ipeg picture after excution. But when I'v done this. There are 3 pictures. One is original gif, one is new nomarl jpeg, and other one is a crashed jpeg picture. Some pictures may cause this problems. Some may not. Is there anyone know why? Thanks

public static void convertImage(String srcPath, String newPath, String format)
throws Exception
    IMOperation op = new IMOperation();
    ConvertCmd cmd = new ConvertCmd();
public static void changePictures(String format) throws Exception
    File file = new File("picture path");
    File pictureArray[];
    pictureArray = file.listFiles();
    int i;
    for(i = 0; i < pictureArray.length; i++)
        convertImage(pictureArray[i].getAbsolutePath(), "picture path" + i + "." +          format, format);   

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op.addImage(srcPath); here. Because there are more than one picture in a gif file.Try this op.addImage(srcPath+"[0]");

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