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How can I get all html parent elements that has a css class called ".example" and their children are <a></a> elements containing a string value say sample-section in their href attributes via jQuery?

Here's an example:

<li class="example">
    <a href="root/sample-section/p01">Page 1</a>
<li class="example">
    <a href="root/sample-section/p02">Page 2</a>
<li class="example">
    <a href="root/another-section/p01">Page 1</a>
<li class="example">
    <a href="root/another-section/p02">Page 2</a>

I want to be able to get the first and the second <li></li> elements in this example (they contain the string 'sample-section') via jQuery with my above-mentioned criteria and add certain other classes to them. Thanks in advance!

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    return $(this).children('a[href*=sample-section]').length;


-- Should return the same result.



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Try this:

$('li.example > a[href*="sample-section"]').closest('li.example');
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~= is the wrong choice here. Use *= instead. –  j08691 Apr 5 '13 at 18:39
OP did specify that the anchors should be (direct) children of the li. –  Blazemonger Apr 5 '13 at 18:40

In one line:

$('li.example a[href*="sample-section"]').parent();

jsFiddle example

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$('li.example a[href*="another-section"]').each(function() {
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use attribute selector with ^ which gets all the href beginning with the given text

try this..


or the *selects all elements that have the specified attribute with a value containing the a given substring.


fiddle here

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