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Supposed this is my stack trace:

#0 f1 () at foo.c:n
#1 f2 () at foo.c:n
#2 f3 () at foo.c:n
#3 f4 () at foo.c:n

I want to be able to do something like this in a GDB script:

printf "function %s called function %s\n", $f1_name, $f2_name

Is this possible? Is there a struct somewhere with this kind of metadata?

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The simplest way to get this is to use the Python API.

There is a more horrible way, too: use "set logging" to redirect to a file. Then, "bt" or whatever else you like. Then, undo the logging. Use the "shell" command to rewrite the file to a gdb script that sets convenience variables. Finally, "source" the script.

I suggest sticking to the Python approach though. You can write a convenience function in Python to expose this quite easily.

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