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I have several installations of Eclipse for different type development. In the past I've just renamed Eclipse.app to "Eclipse Juno STS JDK 1.7.app". Its a leaky solution, because an Eclipse.app gets created next to it, but today after updating one of my plugins, Eclipse would no longer start.

Is there a better way to have different names for multiple Eclipse Installations is OS X?

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I found an answer at the bottom of this thread.

After renaming Eclipse.app to "Eclipse Juno STS JDK 1.7.app", create a link named "Eclipse.app" to help redirect plugins hardcoded to look for Eclipse.app:

rename Eclipse.App "Eclipse Juno STS JDK 1.7.app"
ln -s "Eclipse Juno STS JDK 1.7.app" Eclipse.app
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