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I have an entity I am serializing into JSON and also deserailizing from JSON:

public class Item {
    @JsonProperty private Status status;



The Status enumeration looks like:

public enum Status {


I want the annotated enumeration type to serialize to, for example, {status: "NEW"} and the same to deserialize into the enumeration type. Is there a separate annotation for this?

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You need some additional methods in your enum:

public String toString()
    return super.toString().toUpperCase(Locale.ENGLISH);

public static Status fromString(final String status)
  if (status == null)
    return null;
    return valueOf(status.toUpperCase(Locale.ENGLISH));
  catch (IllegalArgumentException iae)
    System.err.println("Invalid status");

These also ensure that your status conversion is case-insensitive (so a status of 'new' would still convert to the correct enum).

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Outstanding! Thank you. –  badgerduke Apr 8 '13 at 13:44

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