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I am processing a huge xml document (which contains around a million entries) and subsequently importing a formatted version to the db using rabbitmq. Each time after publishing around 200,000 entries I receive a broken pipe error , and rabbitmq is unable to recover from it.

Notice Error: fwrite(): send of 2651 bytes failed with errno=11 Resource temporarily unavailable in [/var/www/ribbon/app/Console/Command/lib/php_amqplib/amqp.inc, line 439]

Notice Error: fwrite(): send of 33 bytes failed with errno=104 Connection reset by peer in [/var/www/ribbon/app/Console/Command/lib/php_amqplib/amqp.inc, line 439]

Notice Error: fwrite(): send of 19 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe in [/var/www/ribbon/app/Console/Command/lib/php_amqplib/amqp.inc, line 439]

This subsequently causes a node down error and the process needs to be manually killed to recover from it.

These are my class methods:-

public function publishMessage($message) {
    if (!isset($this->conn)) {
    try {
            new AMQPMessage($message, array('content_type' => 'text/plain')), 
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        echo "Caught exception : " . $e->getMessage();
        echo "Creating new connection.";
        $this->publishMessage($message); // try again

protected function _createNewConnectionAndChannel() {
    if (isset($this->conn)) {

    if(isset($this->ch)) {

    $this->conn = new AMQPConnection(
    $this->ch = $this->conn->channel();
    $this->ch->access_request($this->defaults['channel']['vhost'], false, false, true, true);
    $this->ch->basic_qos(0 , 20 , 0); // fair dispatching




Any help will be appreciated.

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Have you tried the PECL AMQP extension? From experience, it is much less flaky and better maintained. –  salathe Apr 5 '13 at 20:20
yeah .. same issue. –  Dharmanshu Kamra Apr 7 '13 at 18:49

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Make sure you have added virtualhost access for your user on Rabbit MQ. I've created new user and forgot set access rights for "/" host which is used by default.

You can do that via management panel yourhost:15672 > Admin > click on user > Look for "Set permission".

P.S. I assume your RabbitMQ service is running, user exists and password is correct.

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