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I am currently using gnuplot for multiple graphs of some text data. Therefore I want to add a grid for a better view of the data. However the grid gets too close to the text of the line. How can I improve it, so there are no grids in the area of the text?

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Can you provide an example? That would be very helpful to me at least to see what you're talking about. – mgilson Apr 5 '13 at 20:21

You can draw a rectangle around the tex

set grid

set obj 10 rect at 0,0 size char strlen(mylabel), char 1 
set obj 10 fillstyle solid border -1 front
set label 10 at 0,0 mylabel front center

plot sin(x)

More examples on how to draw rectangles can be found here.

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Just as an addition: The upcoming version 5.0 has a new option boxed for labels, which allows to do this very easily:

set grid lw 2
set style textbox opaque noborder
set label at 0,0 "mylabel" boxed center front
plot sin(x)

enter image description here

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