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How do I sanitize the data so it won't cause any errors? I'm running ubuntu, php 5.3 and connecting to mssql.

This is my code:

            $body = $this->get_part($imap, $b, "TEXT/HTML");
            if($body == "")
                $body = $this->get_part($imap, $b, "TEXT/PLAIN");
            $header = imap_headerinfo($imap, $b);
            $subject = $header->subject;
            $fromaddress = $header->fromaddress;
            $body = str_replace("'", "''", $body);
            //$body = str_replace("\"", "\"\"", $body);
            $data = array('content'=>$body);
            $query = $PDO->prepare('insert into [tbl_test] (content) values (:content)');
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your str_replace is unnecessary. pdo and prepared statements take care of any escaping you need to do. –  Marc B Apr 5 '13 at 20:37
Removed but still getting the same error. –  user1029829 Apr 5 '13 at 20:38

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