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Hey... I started using Javascript MVC SproutCore Framework (sproutcore.com) and I found it impressive. But...

  1. Where can I find good tutorials for it?
  2. Where can I find widgets for it?
  3. How can I use (best practice, loading librarys, implementation) other frameworks like Spry framework (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/).


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  1. The only tutorial I know of is the Todos tutorial, which I believe is not currently completable from Incremental Loading point onward.

  2. The widgets available are in /frameworks/desktop/views (the root here is the repository base). If you want something more complex (e.g. a calendar widget), you'd have to write it yourself using the widgets in that directory as examples.

  3. I don't understand this question, but you should be able to use Spry simply by loading it into the page. SproutCore isn't a particularly good global citizen and I've not looked at Spry but I don't expect you'll see conflicts. If you're looking for Sproutcore documentation on best practices/loading/implementation, there isn't any. You have to read the source of the libary/test suite/demos to figure that sort of thing out.

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@1 Did you already check the SproutCore Wiki and the SproutCore10-Introduction?

On the right hand side you have a navigator and sidebar-links for the documentation.

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yes... i did ... –  xpepermint Oct 18 '09 at 16:43

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