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i have the following code:

<p:barChart id="bar" extender="extBar"
        value="#{primeBean.findBarModel('simpleBarChart')}" />

                function ext() {


Will be renderized the values:

        [[5,1], [1,2], [3,3], [4,4]],
        [[4,1], [7,2], [1,3], [2,4]]

How can i get the category/serie value inside ext function ? Is there an element that i can get these values inside ext ?

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Yes and it's very easy. Add a widgetVar attribute to your <p:barChart this way :

<p:barChart widgetVar="myWidget" ... />

The you can access the data in javascript using myWidget.cfg.data. You'll get an array of array that you can read using regular js.

You can test it online in the showcase, open a javascript console if your browser has one and type : widget_basic.cfg.data

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