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As shown in the picture (which is not the same code as the fiddle, but exhibits the problem), with Highcharts new bubble charts it seems like dataLabels like to sit on top of each other. Is there an easy workaround for this? I'd be happy to manually change the z-index on a per label basis, but this doesn't seem to work for bubble charts. Here's some sample code that fails to work as expected (try it in a fiddle):

series: [{
    data: [{
        x: 99,
        y: 36,
        z: 50
    }, {
        x: 99,
        y: 74,
        z: 55,
        dataLabels: {
            enabled: true,
    }, {
        x: 99,
        y: 76,
        z: 55,
        dataLabels: {
            zIndex: 1,
            enabled: true

enter image description here

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You can set useHTML: true flag, and then set z-index: x property for dataLabels, see:

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This doesn't affect the z-index, though it does make the overlap look less bad. Try changing the z-index--nothing happens. This is supported by the docs for plotOptions.bubble.dataLabels.useHTML: "Note that exported images won't respect the HTML, and that HTML won't respect Z-index settings". The chart still has the potential to look unprofessional, though ( – AlexMA Apr 8 '13 at 12:52

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