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I'm using the ADT of Eclipse, downloaded from the Android Dev site. Each time I install a plugin and restart ADT, the splash screen reverts back from this (The ADT splash) to">this (The vanilla Eclipse splash). After the application has loaded, the way I have my panels laid out reverts back to the default and the UI doesn't look like the regular Eclipse interface like this instead the elements are grey and boxy. The plugin then never works - when I try to perform an action that the plugin should handle I get an error message popup.

I've had this happen with any plugin I try to use (from the Help > Install new software... dialog). Each time I have had to delete and recreate my Eclipse program folder with a fresh download. Does anyone know what is going wrong and how I can fix this/install plugins correctly?

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It's a bug and it's reported here:

Edit: It's solved:

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Glad to see this has been fixed! – anotheruser1488182 Sep 17 '13 at 13:25

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