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Appreciate any help. I'm working on a db that was designed a bit poorly. I need to fix some bad data by updating one table based on another as follows (I am loosely describing the SQL I need):

Two tables:

  • Airports - includes fields: lat, lon, airport_id.
  • Events - includes fields: lat, lon, airport_id.

I want to update the (currently incorrect) events table lat and lon to the (correct) airports table lat and lon.

Basically: UPDATE events WHERE <events.airport_id = airports.airport_id> SET events.lat = airports.lat

Then I can run it again for the lon.

I know I'm close, but not there with the exact syntax.


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This should also work:

UPDATE events e
set    e.lat = (select a.lat from airports a where a.airport_id = e.airport_id),
       e.lon = (select a.lon from airports a where a.airport_id = e.airport_id)
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Yes, you are close, but you need to UPDATE with JOIN. Here is right syntax for that:

UPDATE events AS e
INNER JOIN Airports AS a ON e.airport_id = a.airport_id
SET e.lat = a.lat,
    e.lon = a.lon;

You put the table references, the updated table which is specified in the UPDATE clause with the JOINed tables directly after the UPDATE clause then after that the SET clause, you can also include an optional WHERE clause at the end.

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That did it! Thanks SO much for the timely help! All fixed! –  user2250813 Apr 5 '13 at 22:10
@user2250813 - You're welcome any time :) and welcome to Stackoverflow, please try to accept the answer if you found it helpful, by checking the mark on the left of the answer. This how things work here in Stackoverflow. –  Mahmoud Gamal Apr 5 '13 at 22:18

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