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I have a nice knockout viewmodel with a list that is shown as a grid. I do use the mapping plugin.

You can select items, reverse selection, remove items from the list and dynamically add items.

But if i do add an item, I can't remove it or any other items. Also if I add another one it does not show. But a computed value does show extra lines

Here is the fiddle isolating the issue:

self.add = function () {
    self.orderLines.push(ko.mapping.fromJS({ Sku: "", Qty: 1, Name: "", OriginalSKU: "", Description: "", Exists: false, Selected:false }));


delete and select items, all is well. Press add item and deleting does not work. pressing add again is also an unexpected result.

knockout-2.2.1.js Knockout Mapping plugin v2.4.1

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In your add function, you misspelled OriginalSku as OriginalSKU (different case). This causes the binding to fail and, it appears, to stop knockout from working. Fix your spelling and you're all set.

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thanks man, note to self: stop coding after 1:00 am. – Medo Apr 6 '13 at 9:05

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