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I am developing an extension for firefox and i have created a SQLite DB. When inserting values into the table i get an error message: Error: Permission denied for to call method UnnamedClass.toString on <>. The string values to be inserted are stored in a variable.

var book = "Harry Potter";
var myInsertQuery = 'INSERT INTO mybooks_tbl(title) VALUES('+ book + ');';

how do we insert data into the table as variables and not as strings?


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That error message is quite unlikely to have anything to do with your problem.. Care to post more of the code? –  Nickolay Oct 18 '09 at 12:46

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SQLite follows the ANSI standard for string literals:

A string constant is formed by enclosing the string in single quotes ('). A single quote within the string can be encoded by putting two single quotes in a row


function sqlstr(s) {
    return "'"+s.replace(/'/g, "''")+"'";

var query= 'INSERT INTO books(title) VALUES('+sqlstr(book)+');';

You must remember to escape all string literals like this, or you will have made a client-side SQL-injection hole.

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Really, you shouldn't do the escaping yourself, however. You should use the binding functions that are available and let the engine handle it for you: –  sdwilsh Oct 18 '09 at 17:19
Thanks and i found a way around it by binding the parameter. –  fftoolbar Oct 19 '09 at 1:35

There is error in the string only var query= 'INSERT INTO books(title) VALUES('+sqlstr(book)+');';

tx.executeSql('INSERT INTO CLASS_LIST ("class_title","") VALUES("+v.classTitle+")');

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