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I am wondering whether the natural join operation in relational algebra is associative. I mean, is the following equation true?


It looks associative to me intuitively, but i am not sure.


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An inner join only returns rows that match the on condition. It does not have special treatment for either the right or the left hand table. So an inner join is associative.

A natural join is an inner join on all columns with the same name. Since an inner join is associative, so is a natural join.

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Thanks for the answer – bigO Apr 5 '13 at 23:06
A natural join is not an inner join (theta-join). An inner/theta join outputs a column for each column in the inputs; it's a restricted cross join. A natural join outputs one column for each column name in the input; so it outputs fewer columns when a column name is shared. Anyway, in algebra natural join inputs any pair of relations, but inner/theta join with only relation values on input is undefined when there are common column names. In SQL there are similar but different differences; SQL joins input relation values and (correlation) names. – philipxy Jun 16 at 12:00

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