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I'm having trouble deleting my enemies as they go off screen in starling. I get performance issues after a while because my enemies array just keeps growing and growing.

This is the code I have that makes enemies as well as the update function at the end of my class.

private function makeEnemies():void

        if (enemySpawnCounter > enemySpawnDelay)
            enemySpawnCounter = 0;
            enemySpawnDelay -= difficultyRate;
            difficulty += difficultyRate;

    private function makeEnemy():void
        var i:int;
        for (i = 0; i < Math.floor(difficulty); i++)
            var newEnemy:Enemy = new SnowBall();

            newEnemy.x = 925;
            newEnemy.y = Math.random() * 375 + 50;
            //trace(newEnemy.x); trace(newEnemy.y);
            newEnemy.xVel = (-Math.random() * difficulty) - 5;
            newEnemy.sinMeter = Math.random() * 10;
            newEnemy.bobValue = Math.random() * difficulty;


            if (newEnemy.x <= 0)
                enemies.splice(i, 1);
private function update():void
        trace(enemies.length, lasers.length);

        for each (var enemy:Enemy in enemies)

        for each (var laser:Laser in lasers)


And here is my enemy class...

package objects
import starling.display.Sprite;
import objects.Laser;

public class Enemy extends Sprite
    public static const PURGE_EVENT:String = "ENEMY_PURGE";

    public var sinMeter:Number;
    public var bobValue:Number;
    public var status:String;

    public var xVel:Number;
    public var yVel:Number;

    public function Enemy()
        status = "OK";
        bobValue = 0.1;
        sinMeter = 0;
        xVel = 0;
        yVel = 0;

    public function destroy():void
        status = "Dead";
        visible = false;

    public function update():void
        x += xVel;
        y += yVel;

        if (x < 0)
            trace("Dispatching Enemy Escaped!");
            dispatchEvent(new Event(Laser.PURGE_EVENT, true, false));

Anybody know how to solve this issue?

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Detect if they are touching the screen, I have never used starling but I think there might be some sort of collision detection, so make a rect or surface that is the size of the screen that stays with the screen, then only draw the enemies that are colliding with that surface.

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