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Python: List checking

I am trying to write a Python (2.7.3) program that would check a list to see if a the value of a placing for a list has been given or not?

input = raw_input("(Enter three numbers separated by commas) >: ")
input_list = input.split(" ")
replacing_letters = [str(x.strip(" ")) for x in input_list]
'if replacing_letters[2] is blank:'
'elif replacing_letters[2] is full':
    print replacing_letters

So if I were to enter three numbers into an input, it would print the list to the user. But say I were to only input two numbers. It would return to the user 'Incomplete'.

Any suggestions on a method or code to accomplish this?

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Hint: check how many items there are in the list – Snakes and Coffee Apr 5 '13 at 23:29
Aside from the question, don't you want to split on comma? – squiguy Apr 5 '13 at 23:35

You can get the length of a list with the len() built-in function. You can then do a simple check against this:

if len(input_list) <= 2:
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