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In Eclipse, when I right click on the file I want to input from in my project, it shows two things: path: /SWT/src/data.txt location: C:\Users\Yoshikawa\workspace\SWT\src\data.txt

Is there any way I can get the location (C:\Users\Yoshikawa\workspace\SWT\src\data.txt) is I know just the path (/SWT/src/data.txt) ?


public String ReadFile(String file_path) {
        //Search current project directory 

            return file_location
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Maybe this question will help:… – Ritesh Apr 6 '13 at 1:28
public String readFile(String file_path){
  File f = new File(file_path);
  return f.getAbsolutePath();
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You attempt to create a File object based on the file_path and then run the method getAbsolutePath() method of the File class. h You can read up more on this here: Hopefully this works.

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Take a look at the Java Path Class.

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You can use File.getAbsolutePath or File.getCanonicalPath. They are not the same, see the difference

    String relativePath = "../1.txt";
    System.out.println(new File(relativePath).getCanonicalPath());
    System.out.println(new File(relativePath).getAbsolutePath());



see API for details

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