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When I use themed view in my app based on CakePHP 1.2.10 it gives the following symptoms:

  1. The favicon does not printed out in the source.
  2. the following warning are generated:

    Warning (2): array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array [ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\router.php, line 754]

    Warning (2): extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given [ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\router.php, line 754]

    Notice (8): Undefined variable: escape [ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\router.php, line 930]

All of these warnings and notice mention to:

[main] - APP\webroot\index.php, line 87

The line 87 of that file is in the following code

if (isset($_GET['url']) && $_GET['url'] === 'favicon.ico') {
    } else {
        $Dispatcher = new Dispatcher(); 
        $Dispatcher->dispatch($url);//This is line 87
    if (Configure::read() > 0) {
        echo "<!-- " . round(getMicrotime() - $TIME_START, 4) . "s -->";
//Here is the end of the file APP\webroot\index.php

My app includes the CakePHP library out from the application directory. i.e one cake for all of my apps.

All of this warnings are disappeared when I switch to the non-themed view. I wonder why I got those warnings? and how could I fix them.

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I found that this error is due to wrong call for $html->url() method. I was call it as $this->url('/img/logo.png', "full"), but it should be $html->url('/img/logo.png', true).

The call came from an element file called head.ctp. the following is the full contest warning explaonation:

array_merge - [internal], line ??
Router::url() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\router.php, line 754
Helper::url() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\view\helper.php, line 177
include - APP\views\themed\slate\elements\head.ctp, line 15 //HERE IS THE Mistaken Call
View::_render() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\view\view.php, line 665
View::element() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\view\view.php, line 342
include - APP\views\themed\slate\layouts\blog.ctp, line 1
View::_render() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\view\view.php, line 665
View::renderLayout() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\view\view.php, line 453
View::render() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\view\view.php, line 387
Controller::render() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\controller\controller.php, line 808
Dispatcher::_invoke() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\dispatcher.php, line 229
Dispatcher::dispatch() - ROOT\cakephp\cake\dispatcher.php, line 193
[main] - APP\webroot\index.php, line 88
Warning (2): extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given [ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\router.php, line 754]
Notice (8): Undefined variable: escape [ROOT\cakephp\cake\libs\router.php, line 930
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