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I've been trying to make a really smart phone number input field that will detect the country code (first two digits) on keyup and apply a mask based on the entry. I've got it working except it keeps overwriting the entire input field instead of allowing the input to continue. I'm pretty new to javascript so I'm sure it's something pretty simple (I hope).


<label>Phone Number Test<input id="phoneInput" /></label>
<div id="outputs">
    <p>Actual Output: <span id="resultString"></span></p>
    <p>Test of First Two Digits: <span id="countryOutputTest"></span></p>


$("input#phoneInput").keyup(function () { // target input#2
   var liveInput = $(this).val(); // store live input value
$('#resultString').html(liveInput); // draw input
   var firstTwo = liveInput.substr(0, 2);

if (firstTwo === "52") {
    $("input#phoneInput").mask("+99 99 999 999");
} else {
    $("input#phoneInput").mask("+999 99 999 9999");

$('#countryOutputTest').html(firstTwo); //confirm first 2 digits

Here's a jsfiddle of it.


Any help would be awesome. I feel so close yet so far.

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Here's the working jsfiddle in case anyone wants to know: jsfiddle.net/z63Zm –  Otineb Apr 7 '13 at 2:52
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